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    This course covers principles of rational choice, price determination, market resource allocation, competition, production, market systems, and the role of government in the economy. It also covers individual units in the economy. Recommended: Successful completion of MTH 70 or above and WRI 121 placement.

    Examines major environmental questions facing the world today. Includes population growth, matter and energy resources, ecosystems, pollution, and environment and society. Explores a broad range of environmental issues including sustainability, the interconnection of the economy with ecosystem, short-term versus long-term gains, and the trade-offs in balancing problems and solutions.

    This orientation is required for all students new to online courses at KCC. The tutorials will help you with learning to navigate the online-course management system -- Moodle -- and help you to know what to expect with your online courses.  Please complete the orientation by no later than the start of the term.

    This course offers a survey of the political, social, and cultural development of the United States from 1865 to the present. Major topics covered include:

    • post-Civil War Reconstruction
    • the industrial revolution of the late 19th century
    • the Progressive Movement, World War I
    • the Great Depression, and the rise of the New Deal
    • World War II
    • the Cold War
    • culture and life in the 1950s
    • the Great Society and the War on Poverty
    • the Civil Rights Movements of African-Americans and Mexican-Americans
    • the Feminist Movement
    • Vietnam
    • Watergate and the rise of modern conservatism

    Introduction to the general principles of psychology. Topics include: Personality, emotion and health, psychological disorders and treatment, and social psychology.

    AVS 251 - Aviation Law & Regulations

    AVS 125 - Aircraft Systems: Powerplant

    This course builds on the basic human factors knowledge acquired in the level 100 courses and explores physiological makeup in more detail. By relating these facets to aviation scenarios, the student gains an understanding of their own human factor limitations, but more importantly learns how to cope with them.e

    AVS 120 - Aircraft Systems & Structures I: Airframe

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